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Searching for inspiration to write?

The first thing to say is don’t be put off if you haven’t got a ‘full blown’ story or saga, or you think you need an idea which is fully worked out. Great if you have, but together, we can start with the just germ of something. The simplest of ideas, incidents and events can worked up into something funny, with a bit of imagination and poetic licence.

Don ‘t be put off if a particular subject has already we written about. Your story is bound to be different. Here are just a few possibilities:

  1. The journey that went wrong and had funny, or bizarre consequences (either at the time, or with hindsight).

  2. The holiday that went wrong, with funny, or bizarre consequences (either at the time, or with hindsight).

  3. A machine, or bit of equipment that broke-down, misbehaved with comic, or bizarre consequences.

  4. Getting stuck somewhere; in a room, chair, elevator, bath, etc.

  5. Being marooned somewhere, all alone.

  6. Any other sort of accident.

  7. The helping hand, or well-meaning act of kindness which went wrong.

  8. Overstretching yourself, being over ambitious and forgetting your limitations, or, in retrospect, just being plain daft.

  9. Losing your balance, or falling over, at just the wrong time, or in an unfortunate, or embarrassing place. 

  10.  Trying to hide your MS and ending up looking, or behaving daft, or demented.  

  11.  Your disability being misunderstood or misinterpreted. 

  12.  Difficulties in explaining a problem, or a need, to a non-English speaker on holiday.

  13.  Any other sort of misunderstanding.

  14.  Something outwardly strange involving an animal or child.      

  15. A symptom which suddenly went out of control in a public place.

  16. ‘Disgracing’ yourself in public.

  17. Getting caught out by the weather.

  18. Run-ins with officialdom, or bureaucracy.

  19. Unintended effects of medication, or medical devices.

  20. A medical appointment that went peculiarly.

  21. A memory lapse that led to ..

  22. Struggling to make yourself heard, or your urgent need known.

  23. What happened when fatigue took over and you completely ran out of energy, at precisely


Get scribbling, or contact me right now to help you!!!     

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