So, what is ‘MS a funny thing (well..s😊metimes)’?

MS is a funny thing in that it’s almost infinitely varied in when and in what ways it affects sufferers, but  is a book, in the making, about the sometimes funny, or bizarre things  which have happened to MSers, precisely because of their MS. Conceived my MSer Nigel Bartram, each story is illustrated by young professional artists Olga Hendel, Laura Angelucci, Claudia De Cenzo and Yuri Meloni.


The book aims to:








Bring smiles to the faces of as many people with MS as possible and to their families, friends and carers.

Benefit from laughter as a therapy. Not only can laughter decrease stress hormones, increase immune cells, relieve physical tension and stress, relax your muscles, increase your blood flow, but also trigger the release of endorphins - the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. No wonder it’s clinically approved!


In light-hearted way, promote greater understanding of the difficulties MS can cause for us (and our helpers) who are having to help us cope with daily living.

Celebrate the courage of MSers for being able to make light of their difficulties.

Bring a sense of satisfaction and achievement to the authors from seeing their efforts make a positive difference.

Raise some money for MS charities so they can do even more to help people with MS.

But to do so we need your stories!


Don’t worry if you don’t feel able, or want to write up your story, I’ll give you whatever help you need. If can’t think of anything to write about, then to get inspiration have a look at the Your stories so far and Searching for inspiration? sections of the website. If you’re still uncertain, then don’t hesitate to contact me and I GUARANTEE we’ll come up with something great!

Nigel Bartram (Primary Progressive MS)   


If you have an idea then please email me at



What Some Savy Doctors Say:

"While it is vital to take our health seriously, I believe we must also try to find laughter and lightness. Sharing our stories and laughter together is a wonderful therapy in recovering from any illness."

Dr. Keryn Taylor
MSer, Consultant Psychiatrist, University Melbourne Hospital, research includes research interests include the psychological adjustment to physical illness.

"It takes courage for people to tell their personal stories in such a way as to see the funny side of it, but doing that we are not only free ourselves but we can also help others and ease their burdens too."

Dr Craig Hassed
Monash University Faculty of Medicine and internationally renowned speaker on mind-body medicine in medical practice.

What Some Writers Say:

Thank you for encouraging me to write my crazy story Nigel. I really didn't think it was worth the effort as no body would be interested in reading it, but with your help it's made the ridiculous situation of me falling down a hole into a really funny story, with very little effort! The illustration really adds colour to the story too!

Katy Deacon

Having MS is truly not the best, but if you look beyond the problems caused by progressive paralysis and all the other humiliations , it sort of strengthens the character. Thank you Nigel, for providing a platform where we can laugh at ourselves. These are personal stories as experienced by real people trying to make a virtue out of a poor deal, and what strikes me is how strong and stable (thank you TM humans really are. 

Jenny Ferguson

Having read the stories I was honoured you would consider my writing to be added to a superb humourous collection (my mother has also read them, hope you don't mind, and was crying with laughter over your piece - superb!)

Alice Louise McGilvray

I had great fun thinking about and telling my tale and as a psychology researcher I know how important it is for us to seize every opportunity to see the brighter side of life; laughter is such a powerful therapy. I think the very nature of MS means we all have had funny or bizarre things happen to us, I would therefore encourage readers to  contact Nigel (at with either a story, or just an idea and he’ll write it up for you, if you prefer and will commission a professional artist to do an illustration, like the fantastic one which accompanies my story, ‘MS Really is a Funny Thing’.


Hannah Morris

Edited by Nigel Bartram and illustrated by Olga Hendel